Image by Chino Rocha


The Shrewsbury Photo Marathon Competition is a photograph competition with a twist: Over 6 hours you must take 12 pictures on 12 given topics. 

On the Day

At 10 am on the day of the Shrewsbury Photo Marathon, each entrant will have their camera, mobile phone photos and memory card checked and verified and then will be issued with the set of 12 topics. They have the next six hours to shoot one image per topic. 

Each entrant must personally collect the set of topics from Hopefully Coffee on Milk Street and have their entry card stamped to prove attendance. Entrants must have signed up in advance here.

The SPMC organisers at Hopefully Coffee will then receive the completed entries – via direct download from your memory card – from 2pm until 4pm.

The topics are kept secret until revealed at the start of the event. They will offer plenty of room for interpretation and creativity.

After the event

After the Shrewsbury Photo Marathon, all the images are collated and printed before our judges meet to decide the winners. The prizes will be announced in the run-up to the event.

All the photos will then go on show in a free public exhibition (location and date to be confirmed).



This competition is being organised by me Clare, I am the owner of Pink Mash (a small graphics design business based in Shrewsbury).

The competition also has the support of The Shrewsbury Bid.

Entry is £5, £4 for students, and free for under 12’s. Please click the link below to purchase your ticket.



1. Shrewsbury Photo Marathon Competition is an entirely digital event. You can take part with a digital camera or mobile phone. You must provide your own memory card, which must be empty of images at the beginning of the day. This will be checked by a member of the photo marathon team at registration on the day of the event.

2. You must capture at least 12 images on 12 given topics. You can delete photos on the memory card before final submission.

3. All photographs must be taken on the day of the Shrewsbury Photo Marathon event between 10am and 4pm.

4. All images must be taken on the same camera.

5. All images must be shot as JPEG files. RAW files will not be accepted.

6. You are free to use flashguns, filters, and tripods.

7. You are not permitted to edit the images or use images that are not taken during Shrewsbury Photo Marathon. You are permitted to use “in-camera” effects such as black & white or other tools that are camera based.  You are not permitted to amend the filename, or any other data related to the images. Any manipulation (or suspected manipulation) of the image or it’s metadata will cause the entry to be disqualified. This decision will be at the discretion of the judges and/or the organisers of the event and is final.

8. Only memory cards with up to 12 images on them will be eligible for downloading. You are not permitted to have more than 12 images on your card at the end of the day, but you may have less.

9. You must collect the topics at the start, in person, from Hopefully Coffee – Milk Street.

10. To qualify for final judging and cross the finish line, your memory card for downloading must be returned and a receipt obtained from a member of the Shrewsbury Photo Marathon team by 4.00pm on the day of the event.

11. Shrewsbury Photo Marathon Organisers will be downloading completed entries from 2.00pm onwards.